Corporate Responsibility


Food Safety:

Food safety is an integral part of the culture at Pro-Pet.  Together we have attained SQF Level III certification at all three of our production locations.  We support this certification with a dedicated food safety staff at each location and continuing education at all levels of production and management.

Each and every order of incoming ingredients is tested to ensure compliance with our high expectations.

Finished goods are tested in near real-time throughout the entire production process using Near Infrared Technology. This Near Infrared Technology is supported by our AOA certified laboratory located in St. Marys, Ohio.

Participant in AAFCO's Check Sample Program

Regularly inspected by and/or comply with:

  • ASI Food Safety Consultants
  • APHIS (a division of the USDA)
  • Ohio, Kansas and Minnesota Departments of Agriculture
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • HACCP Program
  • Registered with the Department of Homeland Security

Quality Assurance:

Detailed product specifications are developed for each and every ingredient and all finished good.

All new vendors must qualify through our stringent Vendor Audit program and maintain that quality to meet our regular audits and inspections.